3 Ways Reducing Junk Can Improve Your Sleep

Your bedroom is your resting place. It should communicate calmness, simplicity, and peace, so stand in your bedroom and see if those descriptions apply. If not, you're probably not programming your mind and body to relax with clutter, junk, and waste entering this space. Here are three ways that reducing the junk in your bedroom can improve your sleep:

1. Stimulating Colors, Unnatural Light, and Extra Stuff

The majority of people keep reading material, cell phones, and photographs in their bedrooms. Books, magazines, e-readers, and artwork contribute to color pollution, making your mind react with increased energy rather than calm. Reducing the variety of colors in your bedroom and keeping a consistent level of light in the room (cell phones are off-limits) can help your mind stop racing and encourage easier rest.

2. Excess Furniture, Objects, and Untidy Spaces

You might want to keep standing lights, chairs, or armoires near your bed, but you may be unconsciously afraid it's going to fall on you during your sleep. Making the space surrounding your bed clear and open will help your mind feel the same way during sleep.

3. Cluttered Storage Areas, Cabinets, and Underneath the Bed

You may not believe it, but keeping objects beneath your bed could be affecting your sleep. Knowing that there's clutter beneath your sleeping area could subconsciously be altering your sleep habits. Same goes for overstuffed closets, dressers, and laundry hampers. Reducing the clutter all around your bedroom will maintain a harmonious and peaceful space that both you and your subconscious mind will enjoy.

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