4 Ways to Improve Your Health Through Decluttering

Clutter looks different for everyone. It may be from that hobby that you wanted to try but never really got into, or those mementos that you just can't manage to give up, or even toys that your kids once loved. We live in a society where "things" are highly valued and everyone, at one point or another, has clutter in their lives. Not only is clutter annoying, as you have to do moves worthy of a contortionist just to get from your bedroom to the kitchen, but it also takes quite a toll on your well-being. Here are four reasons for how decluttering can improve your health:

1. You'll be able to concentrate better.

Clutter forces your brain to multitask, as it creates a nagging sensation that there are other things you should be doing, instead of being able to put all of your energy into what you need to be doing at the time. By being mindful of your environment, and taking the time to clear up the things that don't serve a defined purpose, you will make your mind freer, lighter, and more able to focus on things that can improve your life, rather than detract from it.

2. You will be less stressed.

Clutter causes both physical and emotional stress. You'll realize as soon as you declutter how much calmer you are when you can walk easily from room to room. Cleaning out the excess will also help your emotional stress. When there is clutter everywhere you may become ashamed of your home, and simple tasks all of a sudden take much longer than usual. Decluttering ensures that you can welcome company with no embarrassment, and simple tasks become just that: simple.

3. You'll have more discipline.

Junk can stand as a reminder of things you haven't accomplished. It may be that skill you intended on learning, or that activity you intended on practicing. Clearing away these unused items will take away the guilty reminder, and allow you to organize your day and achieve more, instead of spending time organizing your home.

4. It will help you to move forward.

Clutter often serves as a physical representation of emotional baggage, and certain items may have more emotional heft than physical. Getting rid of the items that make you feel painfully nostalgic is often the hardest aspect of decluttering, but it will ultimately serve to help you let go of the past, so you can better focus on the now.
The decluttering of your life makes your physical space reflective of the life you want to lead, and can improve your well-being in the process.

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