4 Ways to Instantly Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier This Year

Spring cleaning isn't just a good way to reduce the clutter in your home - it's a chance to start the first bright, sunny days of the new year off with a fresh, clean feeling. But as with any seasonal chore, the stresses of spring cleaning can add an unnecessary layer of complication to an otherwise straightforward process. In order to simplify your spring cleaning this year, consider these strategies:

1. Prioritize Your Attack

Decluttering your home is a massive project that involves a lot of decisions. Establishing a list of problem areas in your home (with consultation with your other family members) will help you identify your spring cleaning priorities and help smooth over the process when it comes time to a make difficult decision.

2. Work in Rooms

By working through each room in your home, it not only limits the size of the mess, but it'll help you process the scale of your cleaning through smaller sample sizes. Doing your cleaning this way will also help you establish a list of tasks you want to complete in the near future, but simply don't have the time or energy to complete right now. Stay focused and make solid progress on each room every day and you'll achieve your spring cleaning goals with ease.

3. Avoid Sentimentality

According to psychologists, one of the key principles of hoarding disorder is the fear of losing an emotional attachment to an item or object. This prevents many people from effectively reducing the clutter within their home and before they realize it, they've accumulated an unwieldy amount of junk. Staying open-minded and having a non-family member help you sort through your belongings may help reduce separation anxiety during the decluttering process.

4. Get Help for the Big Stuff

Cleaning an entire home is hard enough work on its own - downsizing and decluttering one is work enough for an entire family over several days or weeks. Old furniture, appliances, or simple piles of junk can often be too big a task for even several people to handle when you take into account responsible recycling and waste removal. For the projects you can't quite handle yourself, consider giving a junk removal specialist a call. The folks at Happy Hauler LLC work hard, fast, and responsibly, picking up and sorting your old, unwanted clutter and junk to donation centers and recycling facilities before we turn to the landfill. Contact us today to schedule a pickup and get started on a cleaner, happier home.

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