5 Benefits of Composting

Composting is a highly sustainable method of waste disposal. This process breaks down natural materials into smaller particles, which can then be used as soil and for other natural purposes. While this method for getting rid of natural waste and some recyclables is gaining popularity, studies show under 30 percent of American compost their food waste. If you’re interested in this waste disposal technique, here are a few reasons to give it a try.

Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

Composting organic materials reduces greenhouse emissions because less carbon emits into the air. All organic wastes emit carbon dioxide, and when in wet, low-oxygen settings, they release nitrous oxide.

In 2012 food waste in landfills resulted in 23 percent of methane emissions in the United States. This is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide, which is the greenhouse gas cars typically emit. When you choose to compost, you can reduce this environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Improves Composition of Soil

Adding compost to soil helps provide soil with extra nutrients. Compost has nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and micronutrients manganese, copper, iron, and zinc. This makes compost superior to commercial fertilizers which are often lacking micronutrients.

Compost acts as a slow-release fertilizer since the organic materials all decompose at different times. Soil pH also benefits from compost because it neutral, helping to keep pH at the best level.

Reduces Pesticide Use

Using compost in soil can help reduce pests and the need for pesticides in gardens and other areas. Soil with compost helps foster good insects in gardens such as earthworms who can help plants grow and thrive. If your garden only attracts the right kind of bugs in the first place, there is no need for toxic and harmful pesticides.

Plants Grow Better in Composted Soil

Plants fair better in soil with compost because of the better composition of the soil. All of the added nutrients go to the plants, which then grow stronger. Plants also have optimal hydration levels because compost helps soil retain more moisture.

Low Cost, Simple Solution

Many waste management companies and areas have systems already available to compost materials. Everyone can begin composting now with little invest, which is faster than developing expensive energy and pollution solutions.

At Happy Hauler, we believe in composting materials to reduce waste and have less impact on the planet. When you choose our junk removal service, we’ll make sure your old possessions are disposed of in a sustainable and ethical manner. To learn more about our company or to get a hauling estimate from our team, visit our website today!

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