Controlling Clutter: How Much is Too Much?

Stuff in your home, clutter in your attic, and junk overflowing in your loved ones' living spaces - we, as human beings, tend to have far more objects, trinkets, and belongings than we need or will ever use. But having more stuff than you need won't just drain and frustrate a person - it can have serious affects on health and safety.

Defining Clutter

Peter Walsh, host of TLC's Clean Sweep, defines clutter under two categories: "memory" clutter and "someday" clutter. Memory clutter is defined as stuff that reminds a person of important events or occurrences in their history. These can be anything from old photographs to receipts for memorable dinners or purchases. Someday clutter are things people hold onto in case they might need them someday, such as clothes that won't fit anymore or hobbies that have been set aside.

Why is Clutter Harmful?

Clutter can affect a person's mental and physical health. Excess stuff drains energy, overwhelms, and distracts people. Professionals who help people unclutter their lives commonly report their clients experiencing symptoms of depression and feeling non-functional or non-productive.

Physically, clutter can be a fire hazard and a danger to occupants, pets, and visitors. Too much stuff can prevent firefighters from entering a building safely or be a tripping hazard for elderly people. Furthermore, some experts believe that a lifestyle revolved around consumption can also lead to serious weight gain, which further complicates health concerns.

Clutter Solutions

Setting goals for yourself and establishing a timeline for reducing your clutter over a long period of time is one of most effective ways to restore your living space to normal, but if you need a fast solution to removing junk in and around your home, Happy Hauler is here to help. Our junk hauling experts are here to help restore order to your life and help you downsize your stuff, big or small. Contact us today to schedule a responsible, eco-friendly junk removal appointment - we work with all major charities and charitable organizations around Seattle and can accommodate most donations requests in order to dispose of your stuff properly. Give us a call today!

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