Sustainable Junk Removal

Environmental consciousness is something we’re proud to implement with our junk removal services in Seattle and on the Eastside of the Greater Seattle area. Our eco-friendly junk removal approach is important to get your junk removed and disposed of in a way that limits our affect on the environment as much as possible.

We don’t go straight from pickup at your location to the dump to cram landfills with your cast-offs and rubbish – so much of that could be reused or recycled!

After picking up your junk, here are our steps for disposing of it with eco-consciousness:

  1. Donate It. We can haul any reusable items to homeless shelters, children’s shelters, battered women’s shelters and other charitable organizations to give your ‘junk’ a new home. We ask your permission first, and if you want us to donate your junk, we can get you a donation receipt for the tax deduction!
  2. Recycle It. If there are any materials in your junk, we will transport them to a local recycling facility for appropriate processing for reuse in other materials. Plastics, paper, wood, metals and tons of other materials and equipment (including electronics) are recyclable at local facilities – we’ll take your recyclable junk to the right place.
  3. Dump It. Finally, we take any left over trash that is not donate-able or recyclable to landfill stations for disposal. We try to minimize our disposal of junk at the landfills as much as possible with our donation and recycling efforts.

The eco-friendly junk removal method we employ helps to protect the planet and avoid unnecessary waste in Seattle and the surrounding areas. By creating the reuse of your discarded items, Happy Hauler is helping to support the local economy, as well as cutting back on disposal costs. Your junk is helping people in need, and it’s cutting back on our local environmental impact.

Additionally, if you have any hazardous waste or materials, we take those to the appropriate facilities for proper processing, so that they do not harm the environment.

If you’re curious about what we can haul away, click here! And contact us to book a pick-up time for eco-friendly junk removal – we’re just a quick phone call away!

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