We Haul Junk The Responsible Way

Looking for a way to clear off your yard or garage without the hassle of borrowing or renting a truck and finding a place to dump it all off? Happy Hauler LLC is the answer to all junk hauling problems.

There's nothing worse than a cluttered garage or basement. Everyone who's been in the same house for several years probably has a "junk" area or section of the house that's reserved for unused items. You can free up extra space in your home and do it in a responsible way at the same time. Happy Hauler's crew takes all of your junk away - out of sight and out of mind - at the best rate in town. There aren't any surprises when you call Happy Hauler. What we quote you on-site will be your final bill and we'll take all of your old stuff to charitable organizations before we hit the landfill.

Happy Hauler donates items to homeless shelters, children and women's resource centers, Goodwill, and other organizations before taking rubbish and garbage to landfill stations in the area. We make it eco-friendly and easy to get rid of your old stuff and clean house.

With Spring Cleaning season coming up soon, you can expect to see our trucks making trips throughout the Seattle area.

To schedule your own junk hauling appointment, give us a call or contact us here. We can't wait to help you see the floor of your garage or basement again.

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