How Junk Removal Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Selling your home can be a challenging proposition. Just getting your home ready to show to potential buyers can be a nerve-wracking experience, let alone actually getting anywhere close to your asking price.

Studies have shown that a cleaner, neater home will sell faster than a cluttered one. At Happy Hauler, we know the benefits of reducing the amount of clutter on your property - after all, we see it every day. With summer coming quickly to a close, it's a good time to get a fresh start on fall and put your home on the market with a decluttered garage and backyard. Use this guide to help you reduce your belongings and prepare your home for potential buyers to help facilitate a faster sale.

Ask Yourself: Is This Critical?

Unless you're very disciplined in updating and replacing your belongings each year, you're probably accumulating a lot of clutter and junk that eventually gets moved from your living spaces to storage areas like basements and closets. Eventually, these get ignored and become a part of everyday life, but when visitors come to your home (potential buyers included), these cluttered areas appear strange and unpleasant.

Taking a hard look at your belongings and determining what is critical to your life and what can be let go is the first step on the road to a cleaner, tidier home. Establish a baseline: if you haven't used an item in over a year, it's time to set it free.

Have a Yard Sale and Donate Unwanted Items

The easiest way to get rid of your stuff is to have others come take it off your hands, right? Yes and no. Yard sales take a tremendous amount of work and there's rarely a worthwhile payoff. The other option is to donate your stuff to worthy causes like homeless and battered women's shelters or Goodwill, but sorting through all that can be a pain.

You can also recycle your old stuff, taking TVs and computers to specialized recycling centers to be properly disposed of. Check with your city's recycling program to see what their policies are concerning large items or electronic devices.

Contact a Junk Hauler

A responsible, eco-friendly junk hauler can not only remove your old stuff and reduce the level of clutter in your home, but dispose of your junk in a green and sustainable way. Hiring a professional junk removal specialist like Happy Hauler means you only have to point out the stuff you want to disappear and they'll put it in their truck. Once it's gone, your stuff will be distributed to donation centers and recycling facilities before taking a trip to the dump.

Ready to see daylight in your storage areas once again? Contact Happy Hauler LLC to set up an appointment and get your home ready for visitors, friends and potential buyers alike.

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