How to Remove Old Appliances the Right Way

Recycling isn't just a good idea - it's the law in Seattle. But the city ordinance doesn't just pertain to discarded glass bottles and cardboard boxes. Large appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and even TVs must be disposed of the right way or face fines and penalties. Understandably, these heftier items are a giant pain in the neck to get rid of and it's hard to find a friend with a pickup truck in this town of bicycles and Priuses.

Happy Hauler LLC is the perfect solution to your large junk removal woes. We can pick up large household items like dishwashers, ovens, furniture, televisions, dressers, mattresses, and much more. Our process is simple: after we load your unwanted stuff, we deliver to multiple homeless and battered women's shelters, recycling centers, Goodwill drop-off locations, and other charitable causes before we take anything to the landfill. All of your old stuff is considered carefully and disposed of with care. After all, anybody can back up to a landfill and shove everything off the back of the truck, so the benefits of hiring a professional, responsible junk removal service are clear.

Commercial and industrial junk removal is our specialty! Even large-scale appliances aren't a problem for our crew - we can pick up old washing machines from Laundromats, restaurant kitchen gear, and even construction material from small or large sites.

When you're ready to book a junk removal appointment, give our dispatcher a call! We can give you a preliminary quote based on your description and once the haulers arrive, they can give you an exact price when they see your unwanted stuff. Best of all, our crew cleans up after ourselves and your junk, cleaning your area after the stuff is removed and loaded on our truck.

Give Happy Hauler LLC a call or use the online booking tool here to make an appointment today!

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