How to Increase Your Home’s Value by Decluttering

There's a much easier way to increase your home's value without investing in a remodel or even updating your windows - decluttering during home staging!

Anyone who has sold a home before knows that presentation is a big deal. Potential buyers want a starting point for inspiration's sake, but need enough room for their imaginations. Over-clutter and lots of unused objects around the house aren't going to do that.

What to Keep:

Essential items for each room (i.e.: dining room table, rugs, accent pieces like end tables and plants) should be cleaned and organized. Couches, decorative pillows, and decor can be updated for a more modern look. For an added boost, hire a decorator to help you rearrange and add a bit of flair to your home before you show it.

What to Lose:

Getting rid of excess or mismatched furniture, old or worn objects, and storage nooks should be boxed up and hidden away or hauled off completely. Preparing for home staging is a good time to consider what you'll want to replace or downsize in your next home. Even if some of your furniture or older items are in good condition, hiring the right junk removal specialists means they'll be reused or donated instead of hauled off to the dump.

At Happy Hauler LLC, we help homeowners reduce the clutter in their homes so they can enjoy their space once again. By taking a sustainable, responsible approach to junk removal, we can also help with your peace of mind by ensuring that your excess stuff is donated to the fullest extent possible before being taken to the landfill.

To schedule a removal or to get more information on our services, give Happy Hauler LLC a call or use the contact form today!

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