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When you're cleaning out your home or business to reduce clutter, it's important to be aware of where your waste is heading. After all, what you consider junk could be valuable to someone else. More importantly, you don't want to contribute to already overwhelmed landfills in the area. At Happy Hauler, we consider it very important to handle all of your waste with an eye toward reuse and recycling. Our business model is specifically built on reducing or eliminating junk headed toward landfills. We do everything in our power to divert your unneeded stuff to people who can use it.

We work with a number of proactive organizations that help us reduce waste, recycle and repurpose unwanted objects from your home or business. Here are five organizations that we cooperate with and support, for your consideration.

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County

We are proud to actively participate in the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County. Some junk haulers will illegally dispose of hazardous items by dumping them off the sides of roads or hiding them in with trash headed to the landfill. Happy Haulers takes care that potentially hazardous items are disposed of properly. In 2016, they diverted 1,467 tons of hazardous waste from the local environment.

Seattle Public Recycling Program

The Seattle Public Recycling Program encourages all residents of Seattle to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We happily work with them to recycle your old glass and plastic jars or bottles, aluminum foil or pie pans, caps and lids from cans and jars, old CD and movie cases, plant pots, plastic and paper bags, newspaper, shredded paper, and empty prescription containers. Every item that is clean and appropriate for recycling will get recycled instead of thrown away.

Seattle Tilth

When it comes to yard and garden waste, we're thrilled to work with Seattle Tilth. This group helps train locals throughout Seattle about the process of composting and gardening your own food. Their focus is on growing healthy soil, which is a critical component of any ecosystem. Compost is often the powerhouse helper when it comes to rebuilding your soil to be more healthy. They not only engage in community training, they also hire and offer training for the homeless and underserved youth of the Seattle area.

The Greenwood Phinney Chamber of Commerce

Although they recently voted to change formation into an enhanced business membership for the Phinney Neighborhood Association, the intention is the same. We're pleased to work with an organization that focuses resources on the local community. From their local cleanup operations to the annual Safe Trick or Treat program, the Phinney Neighborhood Association does a lot of good for our area.

Happy Hauler Happily Partners with Excellent Organizations

We love and want to give back to our community, which is why we value working with these and many other excellent organizations. Happy Hauler hopes to make the greater Seattle area even more beautiful and sustainable. To learn more about the team who can handle all of your junk removal needs, visit our website today!

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