Meet (The Rest of) Our Partners

Our team at Happy Hauler is committed to our community. We don't just make Seattle more beautiful by getting rid of unused and unwanted junk; we dispose of junk responsibly and and partner with local charities and community organizations. Organizations we partner with include:

The Ballard Alliance

The Ballard Alliance, formerly the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to keeping the Ballard neighborhood unique and economically vital. They prioritize keeping Ballard clean and safe for residents, business owners and visitors alike. In addition to public safety and sustainability efforts, they also put on the Ballard Seafood Fest each year.

InterConnection - Computer Recycling

Working with InterConnection for Computer Recycling allows Happy Hauler to dispose of your old and unwanted electronics in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner. InterConnection does more than just divert electronic devices from landfills. They rebuild them and donate computers to nonprofit organizations and low-income people in developing nations.

Take It Back Network in King County

Some household items can cause environmental hazards if sent to a landfill. For example, electronics have components that can contaminate both soil and water if improperly disposed of. Take It Back recycles used and broken electronics that can't be repaired or rebuilt.

EcoConsumer Waste Calculator

EcoConsumer educates the public about the waste generated by their purchases and behavior. EcoConsumer helps Seattle consumers make more informed decisions when it comes to waste and packaging, as well as natural gardening and making your home a greener space.

Washington Materials Management & Financing Authority

The Washington Materials Management & Financing Authority encourages responsible end of life disposal of electronic items such as TVs, computer monitors, laptops and computer towers. They specifically work toward the creation of the lowest cost electronic recycling program in Washington state. Local manufacturers participate by financing the recycling process via direct billing and payment.

Electronics TakeBack Coalition

The Electronics TakeBake Coalition takes a two-fold approach to reducing waste. They work with manufacturers to make recycling plans for all kinds of electronics and to reduce the use of hazardous materials. They also push for the development of products with longer usable lifespans to reduce the rate of disposal and replacement.

BAN - Basel Action Network

The Basel Action Network promotes sustainability and recycling. They also help set standards for electronics recycling and help enforce regulations across a number of local companies.

To learn more about Happy Hauler and our environmentally responsible junk removal services visit our website today!

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