Save Money on Junk Removal

Nobody turns up their nose at saving a few extra bucks, so why should you rack up your junk removal bill when the stuff isn't going to do anything for you anyway? Here are a few tips to save money on junk removal from the team at Happy Hauler:

1. Get an Estimate

We can give you an all-inclusive estimate once we're on-site. Don't waste your time and money with other services that offer "exact" estimates over the phone because they'll charge you for the travel fee and jack up the price after they've already arrived. Why? Because no one can offer exact quotes until they see the stuff anyway, so why waste your time? We've been in business for over 15 years and have performed over 10,000 hauling jobs but still can't offer an exact price on your junk removal - it's simply impossible. Sorting out your garbage and junk and determining exactly what you want hauled away will save you money on an all-inclusive haul from a big pile. A little extra legwork will soften the blow to your wallet.

2. Recycle as Much as You Can

Seattle has a pretty great recycling program, so picking through your junk and finding out what goes in the city recycling bins will save you money on your junk hauling bill. If you've got electronics or large-size recyclables that the city won't take without a fee, we can throw it in our truck along with the rest of your junk and save them a trip to your house. We recycle and donate everything we can before taking the rest to the landfill, so rest assured that your junk is being disposed of responsibly.

3. Leave the Big Stuff to Us

Hauling giant items yourself is a great way to end up with a hefty hospital bill. Our junk removers are used to moving heavy items, so don't worry about the strain on your own back! We can handle the big stuff and save you money on your removal.

Contact Happy Hauler today to schedule your own junk removal appointment. Wouldn't it be nice to clean up the garage or backyard before the summer months come around again?

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