Six Eco-Friendly Ways to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are over, the extended family is headed home, and Santa treated your kids well. It's 2017 and you’re ready to start the New Year off right-but there’s still an eight foot Douglas Fir in your living room. Instead of keeping it up until Valentine's Day, consider some of these eco-friendly ways to repurpose your Christmas Tree this year.

1. Turn it into mulch

Washington State has many facilities including recycling and disposal stations, at the curb recycling, and pickup at some apartment buildings. These services are available until January 13. Free mulch is often available for local residents after the holidays so you can add it to your yard or garden. Please note trees larger than eight feet tall and four feet wide may need to be cut in half to be processed at these facilities.

2. Use it in your fire pit (but not your fireplace!)

Dried pine trees can make great wood for your outdoor fire pit. It gives off a great pine smell for outdoor fires as the weather starts to warm up. Winter s'mores with free firewood sounds like a win-win. Note: Christmas Tree wood is not good for indoor fireplaces or wood stoves! Burning these types of trees produces a lot of creosote which can damage your chimney, and makes flue fires more likely.

3. Turn them into ornaments for next year

The kids have a few more days off school, so why not give them a sustainable art project to work on? You can cut this wood into a variety of shapes and sizes to make coasters, wall decorations, and Christmas Tree ornaments. Cut a few squares off the bottom of the trunk and have each kid decorate them. Include the year and some ribbon for good measure. Your wife will love it.

4. Add a few branches to a local pond to create fish shelters

Evergreen branches make great protection and shelter in fish ponds. The sparse needles offer fish malleable shelter within their environments. Before doing this, make sure your tree has not been chemically treated and all of your ornaments have been removed!

5. Make candle holders with Evergreen branches for easy table decorations

The holiday season is over, but you can still brighten your home with good smells and warm candles. Instead of using store bought decorations, grab some recycled jars, a few branches from your tree, and some tea candles. If you have them, throw in a few holly berries or pine cones for a little extra color. This is another fun project for the kids or something for you and your spouse to do together.

6. Call Happy Hauler

We’re happy to dispose of your Christmas Tree for you. If you’d like to get rid of your tree or any other junk you may have accumulated over the holiday season contact us. We’re happy to help you clean up your home and dispose of junk in an eco-friendly way!

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