The Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Debris Removal

Outsourcing isn't an unfamiliar term for contractors and subcontractors, but when it comes to clearing debris from a site, most site supervisors and general contractors still rely on their own crew to remove junk and waste. This is wasteful and costly, as dedicated junk removal firms can provide a better, eco-friendlier service for a fraction of the price. Here's why you should consider outsourcing debris removal for your remodel and construction projects.

Improve Productivity

By the time you calculate the labor costs, gas, mileage, dumping fees, and amount of time spent travelling between the site, landfill, and recycling centers, you've spent a few hundred dollars and lost half a day's work due to a single load. Rather than deploying your laborers for dump runs, keep them on the task at hand and leave the menial tasks to a dedicated firm.

Save Money

Let's say you're paying an average of $25 per hour per laborer. Cleaning up the site, filling up the truck, driving to the landfill, dumping the debris, cleaning up the truck, and returning to the job site can take up at least half a day of work. That's $100 in hard labor costs - not to mention the costs of gas, mileage, and dumping fees - before they're back at the job site. That doesn't even include the fact that most firms are pressured to recycle and reuse much of their waste materials, meaning extra trips to specialized drop-off points and sorting materials accordingly. The cost of dedicated debris removal plus the lost labor at the job site itself should be enough to drive a contractor up a wall.

Decrease Environmental Waste

While it's hard to prevent environmentally-harmful materials in teardowns, building with sustainable materials and disposing of waste in a responsible way is paramount to avoiding fines and penalties enforced by state and local institutions. Removing your construction debris isn't as simple as just throwing it away - landfills are disappearing and it's getting harder and harder to dispose of debris in a one-stop fashion. Relying on an outsourced firm to dispose of and recycle your construction debris in a responsible, eco-friendly way can save you time, money, and energy.

Ready to outsource your construction and remodel site debris clean-up and disposal? The team at Happy Hauler can remove, haul, and responsibly distribute your waste materials to recycling centers and charitable organizations before heading to the landfill. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your construction project through outsourced debris removal.

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