Tips for your College Move

There’s never been a better time to downsize your belongings than before moving out of the house. Whether you’re moving into a dorm, fraternity, sorority, apartment, or other student housing, your personal space is about to diminish significantly.

At Happy Hauler, our junk removal services will help rid you of those things you don’t need anymore. Our hauling services dispose of your junk in an economically friendly way, donating appropriate items to charitable organizations before dumping.

Here are some things you should consider getting rid of before the big move to college:

  1. Decorative Furniture
    That’s right, it may be time to leave that fuzzy purple beanbag chair behind. Settle in to your new room with the necessities first, then maybe you can bring extra furniture if there’s space. Happy Hauler can take used furniture, no matter what size!
  2. Beds & Mattresses
    Say goodbye to your luxurious queen bed—dorm rooms and Greek housing will have twin beds awaiting your arrival. If your parents can’t wait to convert your old room into their new bonus room, let us haul your bedframe and mattress efficiently.
  3. Outdated Electronics
    Say goodbye to the desktop that got you through high school and hello to laptop life. Happy Hauler will donate and/or dispose of your old computers, printers, televisions, and electronics the proper and eco-friendly way.
  4. Room décor
    There may not be space in your new dorm for your favorite beaded curtain, extra floor lamp, or giant stuffed animal you won at the fair. Bring only what is necessary then maybe, just maybe, you can bring some decorations if the space allows.
  5. Old clothes
    College is a time to start fresh, and that goes for your wardrobe as well. It’s time to part with your favorite shirt from high school and those jeans from junior high. Let us donate these items to charities for people who can really use them, rather than lugging extra stuff along during the move.

Contact us at Happy Hauler for all your junk removal needs so that your college move goes smoothly and efficiently. Welcome to the best four years of your life!

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