Winter Junk Removal Tips: What to Lose, What to Keep

While colder weather may put a damper on your home improvement motivations, there's plenty a homeowner can do to improve their home indoors and out this winter. With the holidays approaching and an influx of new items about to make their way into your home, it's a great time to declutter your indoors and give your family more functional living space before spring arrives.

Dig Through Storage Areas

Attics, basements, and closets are often treated as a stop-gap solution for excess or unneeded stuff. As more junk accumulates, older items get moved further back into your storage areas and are left largely ignored. Take some time to move room-by-room and sort out unwanted items from your storage areas to keep things organized and allow for more space throughout your home.

Think Ahead

Seasonal items in storage are easy to ignore until they're needed, but going through and sorting your spring and summer gear now will be a productive and proactive step toward eliminating clutter year-round.

Replace Unwanted Furniture

If your couch, chairs, or television are looking a little dated and holiday bargains are catching your eye, the change can be more palatable if you have a home for your old furniture. Happy Hauler LLC is the ideal partner for reliable, responsible junk removal service in the Seattle area. We take care to recycle, donate, and reuse every item we pick up before we take anything to the landfill. We've helped hundreds of homeowners reduce their clutter and enjoy their indoor spaces throughout the year.

Contact us today to schedule a junk removal appointment or to learn more about our process.

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